2 days in the life with a 7 week old baby

Have you ever wondered what happens in the life with a 7 week old baby or are you just curious as to what I get up to all day while on mat leave? Well, look no further then as I’m about to make your wishes come true! I tracked everything that happened during the course of two days and will tell you all about it. This was going to be just one day but as it turned out to be a really rough one, I also wanted to show the next day which was so much better! This is the reality with a baby, some days are easier than others. Now obviously these are just two examples so our days will differ. These two days we didn’t really have any plans either which isn’t always the case but it does give a good idea of what a lot of our days are like. Let’s begin.

2.00 – I’m woken up by Isobel stirring for her first feed and before she goes mental, I quickly run to the toilet as you don’t want to start a feed and realise midway through you need to wee! While feeding her, I have my phone to keep me awake either with nightly chats with the other mums or browsing social media. Once she’s done, I do a quick nappy change and put her right back to sleep. Usually this works really well and she goes down right away. If she’s a bit cranky, I’ll hold her for a bit until she gets sleepier and then put her down. She sleeps in a crib next to our bed inside a sleepyhead which is a fancy baby sleeping pillow. I turn on Euan the sheep which plays heartbeat sounds and glows faintly red and helps put her to sleep. I go back to bed and am out like a light!

5.00 – I wake up to Isobel stirring again for her early morning feed. Same process as the night feed with the exception that once she’s fed, I pass her to Andres for the nappy change. We’ve only recently started this routine and so far it’s working out quite nicely.

7.00 – I wake up to Isobel making noises and get up to feed her. I check my phone and realise Andres has overslept. When I check on Isobel, she’s still sound asleep so clearly she just wanted to make sure daddy didn’t get up too late for work, ha!

7.30 – I get up to join Andres for brekkie before he leaves. Before moving Isobel downstairs, I first throw a wash on. I do a wash almost every day, either for our cloth nappies, baby clothing, bedding or my clothing. Today is baby clothing wash day. I then bring Isobel downstairs with me. Today she remains sleeping so I leave her in her sleepyhead while other days if she’s awake, I move her to the bouncer so she can see us. I always have pre-prepared overnight oats for brekkie so I just have to grab my pre prepared jar (today’s flavour is raspberry chocolate, yum!), make a coffee and sit down to eat. This saves me lots of time in the morning and means that if Isobel wakes up, I can still quickly grab my jar and have brekkie one handed while feeding her. Within a few minutes of sitting down to eat, this is exactly what happens so I move to the sofa and do just that.

8.00 – Andres leaves for work. While finishing feeding Isobel, I catch up on the news, check my emails and social media on my laptop. While feeding, she has several rather louds poops (she loves pooping while eating!) so I take her upstairs for a nappy change. Once she’s changed, her clothes come off, I wash her down a bit with a washcloth and then change her clothes. I don’t normally put her in fancy outfits unless for special occasions which we have none today, so sleepsuit it is. I put her in her bouncer and spend a bit of time playing with her. She’s getting more and more fun every day, smiling away and making lots of sounds.

9.00 – Nap time and baby is out like a light! In my new routine, this is when I normally do a workout instead of our walk which has been moved to later in the day. Sometimes I do a circuit or HIIT with yoga added on afterwards or I just do a longer yoga flow. It really depends on what I feel like. Whatever I do, it lasts anything from 30min to an hour depending on how long Isobel sleeps for. Today, I manage to do an hour of HIIT and yoga.

10.00 – Isobel wakes up. I put her in the bouncer next to me and manage to get a bit of extra stretching in before she lets me know she’s hungry. I feed baby and she then throws up all over herself so I take her upstairs for another outfit and nappy change.

I give her a bit more food to make up for what she threw up. We then have a nice cuddle together on the sofa and as she usually does, she falls asleep on me. A sleeping baby on your chest or shoulder is so yummy!

11.00 – I start toying with the idea of taking a walk. We try and get out every single day for anything from 30-60 minutes. Recently I have also found a really good Spanish lesson audio book so I learn Spanish while walking; multitasking! This will require moving the sleeping baby to the pram and keeping her asleep through the process so it’s a bit of a gamble. I decide to try. It fails miserably with her having a meltdown. I decide to put her in the sling instead. After calming her down through some air squats with her close to my chest (seriously, this calms her down like nothing else!) I make it outside.

I walk up to Sainsbury’s to test the waters a bit and while she stays asleep and cosy, obviously it starts to rain so I realise this will have to be a brief walk today. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

12.15 – We’re back from our brief walk and I throw some left overs in the microwave for lunch. Just as I’m about to sit down to eat, Isobel wakes up and demands food so I give her lunch instead, while my food gets cold. Cold food is my new normal so I don’t mind. Towards the end of the feed, I manage to grab my food and eat one handed, win!

13.00 –  After we’re both fed, I put her in the bouncer while I hang up the washing. 
We have a very interesting conversation at the same time. Seriously, the sounds she makes are so cute! Slightly less cute is the loud poop she then lets off. Another nappy change gets done.

14.00 – Isobel starts yawning so I put her down in the Sleepyhead for another nap. I make myself a decaf coffee (I try and not have too much caffeine as I’m breastfeeding) and sit down to get some personal admin done (Amazon shopping is life).

14.40 – Just as I start thinking I want Isobel to wake up (I miss seeing her little smile!), she starts stirring. Time for another feed.

17.00 – While I start preparing lasagna for dinner, I keep Isobel in the bouncer there with me inspecting and managing the process.

17.30 – This is when normally Andres would come home from work and would spend some quality time with Isobel and give me a bit of a baby break. Today, he’s going out with some friends after work so it’s just the two of us. I just about manage to finish food and my overnight oats for the next two days before Isobel lets me know she’s hungry again. We do a feed, nappy change and then some tummy time. Her neck muscles are getting so strong!

18.30 Time for another feed again. Isobel seems a bit sleepy so I put her down but she wakes up right away again and it becomes obvious after two attempts that she will only sleep on me now.

19.30 – Another feed. I swear she’s not eating for hunger right now, it’s just for comfort and basically is her using me as a dummy! Around this time I am getting a bit frustrated as I am just stuck on the sofa with sleeping baby on me and I desperately want to have a shower! I get a call from Andres telling me he’s on his way back and he can tell I’m a bit blue and promises to hurry back.

20.00 – Andres comes back. I finish the latest feed and he takes Isobel for a nappy change and I quickly jump in the shower. Throughout, I listen out for baby screaming but luckily she’s cooperating right now and being good to daddy.

20.30 – We put Isobel in the bouncer and grab some dinner. I just have time to make my plate before she starts screaming for food again. Thankfully she’s on the left boob so I can eat with my right hand! After she’s eaten, I try to put her down again but quickly have to give up, she refuses to sleep anywhere other than on me. Andres sorts out the kitchen for us but I can tell he wishes he could do more to help.

21.30 – Isobel seems to be in deep sleep so I try again and this time she finally stays down, allowing me and Andres a moment to ourselves.

22.15 – Time for bed. I carry Isobel upstairs and put her in her crib. I stupidly enough decide to change our bedding and in doing so, obviously she wakes up! Andres tries to calm her down while I hide in bathroom (well, partly hide and partly brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed). Isobel is not having it and doesn’t stop screaming until I come back out and give her the boob.

23.00 – Once she’s fed, she thankfully goes down willingly in her crib and it’s off to bed for Andres and I.

4.50 – Isobel is only now stirring which equals almost 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep! This is a record for us, wohoo! Quick feed and change and back to bed.

06.30 – The alarm goes off, as Isobel is starting to stir, I move her into bed with us for a quick cuddle.

7.15 – Andres gets up while I feed Isobel.

7.30 – I throw a bedding and towels wash on, make coffee and grab my oats. I put Isobel in the bouncer and we join Andres at the table with munchkin grazing us with lots of smiles. We also get a few loud poops letting me know it’s nappy change time!

8.15 – Andres goes to work. Nappy change and an outfit change. I don’t bother washing her down today as it’s bath time tonight. Then it’s playtime on the baby gym while I finish my coffee.

8.45 – The baby gym is no longer fun so I move her to the bouncer where she eventually gets sleepy. I move her to the sleepyhead and she actually stays sleeping!

9.15 – I quickly decide to make the most of her nap and get a 30 min HIIT and yoga flow in and baby stays sleeping through the whole thing!

10.30 – She is still sleeping! I hang the washing up which is done and throw on a nappy wash as well. I then make a tea which is her cue to wake up. Time for another feed and nappy change followed by baby falling asleep on me.

11.15 – While she is down, I decide to take her out for a walk. Today this goes brilliantly, and she stays asleep. I walk around the park with my Spanish lesson playing and grab a take away decaf soya latte half way through, win!

12.15 – We’re back home and Isobel is awake. Another feed and a phone chat with daddy.

12.30 – She is asleep again! I manage to have a shower (including washing my hair!) with her in the bouncer in the bathroom with me. When she wakes up, I take her into our bedroom and put away my washing from the other day while having a conversation with Isobel who is being very chatty! Another nappy change and we head downstairs again.

13.00 – I grab some lunch which I enjoy with some Netflix (The Crown season 2!) and baby falls asleep on me.

13.30 – I move Isobel to the sleepyhead to continue her nap. I re-heat my tea for the third time and keep watching the crown while actually drinking it this time.

14.00 – Isobel is awake again. Time for another feed and nappy change. She then falls asleep on me again. She is definitely sleeping a lot today. I think it’s because she ate so much yesterday! I take the opportunity to file her lethal baby nails.

16.00 – Daddy is home early after a half day and some last minute Christmas shopping. Isobel falls asleep on him after a quick cuddle.

16.30 – We head upstairs to hang the nappy wash and put away the baby wash from the other day while baby chills in the bouncer. We realise her nappy has leaked so nappy change and change of clothing required. We don’t often have leaks with our cloth nappy system but sometimes it does happen.

18.15 – Bath time. She seems to like it these days but she does have this funny look on her face throughout like she’s not quite sure what’s going on. It’s then a race to get her dry and in fresh clothes before she has a breakdown. Today we fail but daddy manages to calm her down nicely.

18.30 – Time for another feed followed by another nap on me. Once she’s down I move her to the sleepyhead and quickly make myself a plate for dinner.

19.30 – She starts stirring but daddy calms her down. 

Unfortunately, he misjudges how asleep she is and puts her down too soon. I have to feed her again to calm her down.

20.00 – Isobel falls asleep on me and we put a film on. I don’t want to risk waking her up so I just leave her sleeping on me and she stays asleep the entire film! Unfortunately all the nursings has me wiped and I also fall asleep midway through.

22.00 – I move Isobel upstairs and feed her in bed.  Daddy does the nappy change and we’re all off to bed sometime around 23.00.

1.55 – Another feed, nappy change and back to bed.

5.00 – Feed, daddy changes nappy and back to bed.

8.00 – Isobel is awake. I move her into bed with us for a cuddle. Andres is on leave now so no rush to get up so we stay in bed together a bit longer.

Then our day starts all over again. This whole thing has taken me a week to write so Isobel is actually 8 weeks now and our days look a bit different as Andres is now home with us for two weeks, yey! Reading through what happens in these two days makes me realise even more how much she eats and sleeps on me, ha! We are trying to introduce the bottle to allow Andres to give the occasional feed and allow me the ability to go anywhere by myself (I so need to get my hair done!) but so far she’s only taken it twice and otherwise she just hates it but the struggle continues. We also started trying with a dummy yesterday but so far she is not a fan. About Isobel sleeping on me; it’s funny how I said before baby that I wouldn’t be one of those mums whose baby always slept on her. Now I realise how difficult it is to put baby down when she’s being so deliciously cute sleeping on me and I don’t want to put her down! Instead I’ve become a master in getting things done with baby on my shoulder. So there you have it, two days with a baby.

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1 month in

Happy 1 month Isobel!

I thought one month in would be a good time to update on how things have been going and share my top tips for anyone else who will soon have a baby mainly around breastfeeding, nappies and exercise post baby.

First of all, this month has been way easier than either me or Andres had expected. Everyone kept telling us you just have to survive the first few weeks, stock up on food as you won’t have time to cook and just sleep when the baby sleeps! Now, I get that for some people and babies, this is very true. For us, maybe we just have a really chill baby, but we have been absolutely fine. We have had time to cook, go to the shop, work out, study for my yoga course, do washing and everything else we needed to do. Sleep wise, she only wakes up twice during the night. In between these, I still get my 7 hours of sleep and Andres doesn’t feel too tired for work the next day. I think I have had maybe two daytime naps in total during this entire month and that’s it, I just haven’t needed more! Obviously, this is very different for everyone so I’m not saying everyone can do all of this, just that this is how it was for us. Also I do need to mention I go to bed quite early (9.30-10ish) so it’s not like I’m super human or anything!

My little baby Isobel really is the most amazing baby (biased as hell obviously) and we love her so much! The amount of times we just stare at her in amazement or laugh at the funny noises she makes (a mixture of really sweet sounds and those of a drunken sailor!). I just can’t believe she’s ours and that she is so perfect! I am so happy that I get to be her mother and I am absolutely loving my mum role and this new life so far. I have taken to motherhood way better than I had imagined I would and I feel like between Andres and I, we got this in the bag at least for now (I’m sure there are loads of challenges ahead still to come!).

This has gone over and beyond what I had expected. I credit a lot of this to the extra help I got at the hospital before we took Isobel home. The first two days were a bit more challenging as she kept falling asleep any time she went near the boob but after that we both took to it like champions! I had maybe one or two days of sore nipples but just kept applying coconut oil and it went away and have been fine since. So top tip number one, coconut oil on your boobs and nipples throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding to avoid them getting dry and more likely to crack.

So obviously breastfeeding isn’t for everyone/doesn’t work out for everyone and let’s just be clear, baby being fed is what matters, not how. That being said, I really wanted to breastfeed so I’m very happy it’s worked. As I feed on demand, sometimes when she is cluster feeding, it does mean I’m here on the sofa for several hours feeding her. Sometimes it means interrupting whatever else I’m doing such as my yoga practice, cooking etc. and a few times I have had my moments of resentment when this happens. I then have to remind myself she’s just a baby, she’s hungry (even though she just ate 15 min ago!) and her needs come before mine and then I feel guilty for ever getting annoyed with her. This hasn’t happened much though and for the most part I really enjoy the whole nursing experience. You just have to feed the baby and just accept that what you were doing can wait until after. Some top tips I would suggest for making breastfeeding work a it better with life:

  • learn to feed standing up using one hand/arm only
  • learn to eat with your non dominant hand
  • to keep your hot beverages hot, invest in a one handed operation thermos mug such as this one. The amount of left over teas/coffees I left around the house before I got this!
  • plan ahead. I know she likes to eat during breakfast time so I plan ahead and make overnight oats the night before that I can just take out of the fridge and eat onehandedly if she wants to feed. All I then have to do in the morning is quickly make my coffee rather than have to faff with making breakfast from scratch.
  • be ok with feeding wherever you need to or you will forever be stuck at home. This took me a few days of stressing about beforehand but now I just do it anywhere. Baby wants food, I will feed baby and I won’t care if someone is offended by a boob.

Cloth/reusable nappies and cloth wipes
Drum roll please, neither me or Andres have used a single disposable nappy yet! Cloth nappies for the win! From the very first one in the hospital to now, we have stuck with my plan of cloth nappies and it’s worked out great! They are easy to use and I haven’t found the washing and drying process much work at all. I have changed at home, at friends and out in restaurants/cafes without problems. We are using the old-fashioned tactic or just a muslin folded with a water proof cover on top. The only issue is that it makes her bum a bit bulky but that doesn’t bother me. We are also using cloth wipes which we spray with a mixture of water, baby soap and liquid coconut oil which has also worked a charm. These don’t even need drying, just use straight out of the washing machine so even less work! Nothing wrong with people choosing disposables, we all do what we need to do. I just felt strongly I wanted to do this and especially when people told me it would be too much work, I just dug my stubborn heels in and really wanted to show it can be done. Anyone who is considering cloth, let me know as I did a massive amount of research beforehand and now have insight from having used it for a month.

Day two back from the hospital, we started going on walks. Really slow and short to start with which got longer and quicker with time. From when Andres went back to work at week 3, we had a routine going where we went for a walk every morning without fail. I think this makes a massive difference. We get some fresh air both of us, I get some vitamin D and some exercise and if the rest of the day turns into a feeding frenzy, at least I got out of the house! I’m also planning on downloading some Spanish lessons and learn as I walk so that Isobel and her dad can’t plot against me as she gets older!

I also started back on the yoga fairly soon after we got back. Again, at first I took it slow and steady but I’m now pretty much back on my usual practice and starting to feel quite strong again! Having worked out during my pregnancy certainly helped with this.

Last week I started incorporating some strength training back again as well which felt great! For me, it is a priority to get fit post baby so this is something I make time for in the day. This is not about getting my pre-pregnancy body back though. This body grew and delivered a baby, why would I want the old one back? This one will be even better and I will enjoy the journey there rather than beating myself up about the little pouch I still see on my belly today.

Anyone after pregnancy who wants to get back to exercise, the most important advice I have is listen to your own body. I have done this throughout by easing myself into everything and testing it out slowly and carefully rather than jumping back in. I do have a good body awareness and I know what my body can or can’t do and I listen to this. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and I have no desire to get injured due to ego. Next on the list is getting back on the pole post baby. Slightly terrified I will have gone back to square one but if I have, I just have to deal and work my way back!

Bring on the next few months!

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Baby is here – labour story!

Baby Isobel has arrived! Despite us having thought it was a boy, it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful baby girl who we couldn’t be more in love with! More on that in my next post. First I thought I’d do the labour story as this is one of the first things people ask about.

So our litte pumpkin arrived on Halloween at 6pm after a labour which went completely the opposite way to what I had hoped for and what I had in my birth plan. My birth plan and ideal scenario was that I would go into labour naturally when baby was ready, not via induction. I’d do the majority of my labour at the comfort of my own home using the yoga ball, moving around, using specific yoga postures, maybe having a bath and using my hypnobirthing and meditation methods learnt during pregnancy to stay calm and in the moment and to manage any pain. I would then go into the birthing centre at North Mid University Hospital where I would have a lovely water birth or at least give birth in an active position. I definitely didn’t want to give birth lying down on a bed (as this is counterproductive, better to work with gravity) in one of their amazing rooms which have a real home vibe with dimmed lighting and with my birth play list keeping me calm. I would go drug free or maybe some gas and air if really needed but definitely didn’t want an epidural as I didn’t want to be numb. I would breathe the baby out using hypnobirthing techniques with Andres supporting me. I obviously knew that things could happen which meant changes to this plan which I was alright with (or so I thought) but this was my ideal scenario.

So fast forward to Monday morning 30 October I was at home doing some DIY painting. Just minor touch ups, nothing too major. Suddenly I felt some liquid coming out of me and ran to the toilet. It wasn’t loads and I really couldn’t be sure this was my actual water breaking. I honestly thought it could have just been me peeing myself, as you know, pregnancy causes all kinds of fun things to happen! So I called the maternity triage and they told me to just come in and get it checked out just in case. I called Andres and told him I was going to go get checked out but not to get too excited as I was sure they’d just tell me I’d peed myself and send me back home again. I even drove myself as I thought I was fine and also I had no contractions.

Once I arrived at hospital and they checked me it turned out it was indeed my water. However, it also turns out baby had pooped in the water. Now if you don’t know your pregnancy facts, this is a sign of baby being in distress and means they will want the baby out quite soon to make sure everything is ok and in the meantime monitor the baby throughout. So suddenly I have gone from being low risk throughout my pregnancy to being high risk in a heartbeat. This meant:

  • I have to stay at hospital from now until baby is born
  • I can’t use the birth centre, I will need to give birth in the labour ward (instead of the homely birth centre rooms, this is a full on medical clinical room)
  • I won’t be allowed a water birth
  • I have to be induced, this leads to a more painful labour meaning it’s more likely I will need drugs and this also quite often leads to c-section delivery
  • I will need to be strapped down with a baby heartrate monitor and contraction monitor so they can make sure baby is ok throughout, meaning I won’t be able to move around much and can’t have an active labour

So all of this just came at me at once and I just broke down as it was completely not what I wanted. This plus the fact that Andres wasn’t there with me and I just bawled like a baby. I called Andres up in a panic and ordered him to get his ass to the hospital right now as it was all turning to shit. Poor guy, it must have been such a fun phone call to get, ha!

So I got moved up to labour ward, private room at least which was better than having to share with others. I was told repeatedly that I would probably want an epidural as the induction gets very painful. I just kept telling them I wasn’t getting an epidural but that I’d be open to other options if needed. They strapped me down with the monitors, luckily wireless so I could at least attempt to move a bit. However, every time I tried to use any other position than lying on the bed, the baby’s heartbeat seemed to drop so I still spent the majority of my time on the bed which absolutely sucked. At about 6pm that day they started me on the pessary which is the first part of the induction. This was kept in for 12 hours until 6am in whick time I’d only dilated 1 cm. During this time, I didn’t sleep at all, I just lied there looking at the heartrate monitor, panicking each time it dropped but it always picked back up again.

6am the next morning, they started me on the hormone drip which is pure evil. It started out fine as the dose is really low at first which then slowly increases. At first I just felt minor contractions which didn’t bother me at all. What bothered me was lying on the bed. I was getting leg cramp and was getting stiff. I managed to convince them to let me sit on the yoga ball for a while at this point which was bliss! Sometime during this time the contractions picked up and started getting quite a bit more uncomfortable and when I was offered gas and air, I accepted and it was just what I needed. I managed for quite a while like this but when the dose got upped for the umteenth time, I was suffering and didn’t feel like I could take anymore. When I was offered Pethidine which is a morphine-like opioid and which I had said during NCT classes beforehand that I would definitely not use (ha!), I jumped on it. Honestly if you had offered me straight up heroin at that moment, I probably would have taken that as well. Still didn’t want anything to do with epidural though, stubborn as I was. The Pethidine basically made me high, I was still in control of my body and could feel everything but it just dulled it a bit to the point where it was manageable.

Then at about 16.30 (I think) I felt the urge to push. Told the doctor who checked and confirmed it was showtime! Tried again to be allowed a different position but got told to get back on my back on the bed as baby didn’t like it any other way (argh!!). Started pushing and this went on for about an hour. Eventually the doctor said they would have to help out using the ventouse ie a vacuum-assisted tool to pull baby out as due to the meconium (the baby poop), they needed baby out asap. So with a final push and the help of that, baby finally came out!

They quickly checked her lungs (because of the poop in the water) to make sure she was ok and then gave her to me. The thing I remember most is that moment when this slimy little baby is being put on my chest and I think that it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Somewhere at this time Andres tells me it’s a baby girl! We guessed the gender wrong and we now have a stunning baby girl! She cried briefly when she came out and then she was so calm and quiet (probably a bit high from the drugs!) but so so adorable! At some point they also gave me an injection to get the placenta out which I can barely remember at all. Only had a stage 1 tear so they did 2-3 stitches which again I have no memory of at all. After that, we were left just admiring our little baby. Eventually they moved us to one of the birth centre rooms where we got to spend the night which was amazing. I also had a midwife come help me every time I needed to feed her which was so helpful.

There are a lot of things about my labour I can’t remember. I have bits here and there that I remember of the entire thing but massive gaps throughout. I remember telling Andres at some point I couldn’t do it anymore and he helped me through it. He was a star, I couldn’t have done it without him. Partners are so important through this, much more than you might think beforehand. I remember the contraction pains somewhat but I think my body has made me forget some of it to make sure I do it again, ha! I do remember quite clearly the pain of the final stage with getting the head to come through and the relief when she was born.

Those last moments though, getting the baby’s head out push by push was something else. Not going to lie, it was painful. The female body is freaking incredible, how we can do that is insane and all women who have a baby deserve a medal (also goes for those that go through c-section as that shit and the recovery afterwards also seem hard as hell).

Although my labour went completey not to plan, I would still say I had a good experience. This is mainly because of the incredible staff throughout the whole thing, they were great. Also, once the baby is born, you just don’t care anymore how she got there. The most important thing is baby arriving safe and sound. I am happy I ended up not getting the epidural and I’m ok with the pain killers I used. I do believe that had I been allowed to move around throughout the birth, I would have managed with just gas and air as the few times I was able to move, it did get slightly easier.

So my advice to anyone about to go through this is have a birth wish list but definitely be prepared for things changing and once baby is born, you really won’t care anymore!

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39 weeks pregnant

So, I figured now was as good a time as any to start this being on maternity leave and getting a bit bored doing nothing. I’m today 39 weeks and one day pregnant with our little mini monkey. We don’t yet know if it’s a boy or girl monkey as we wanted this to be a surprise (and also it prevents people from going mad with the girl gifts in pink vs boy gifts in blue) – although I keep thinking it’s a boy!

I feel great. I have had a really easy pregnancy throughout with just a bit of nausea at the beginning but was luckily never sick. I have been able to continue working out throughout, mainly focused on yoga and weights workouts. I did decide sometime in the early parts of the second trimester to take the pole down and save it for after. I had mixed emotions about this as I could have continued doing the easier moves but as I know myself, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself and therefore decided the safest thing to do was take it down. I’m absolutely dreading the pole burns and bruises I will get once I start on it again…

I am thankful though that I have been able to work out the way I have. Sure, the intensity had to be taken down a notch and there are loads of yoga modifications I have now had to do at the end but there is lots I have been able to do. Such as my headstands for example. I love going upside down and especially through headstands and I was curious to see how far through my pregnancy I’d be able to keep it up. Well, here I am at 39 weeks!

We’ll see if I get another one or more in before baby makes an appearance. I haven’t gotten any signs of it being imminent yet so baby might be way too comfortable in there to leave yet. This is all fine by me, I believe that baby will come when he/she is ready and there is no rush. The due date is just an estimation and doesn’t mean much.

In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy by getting some studying and pre-course work done for my yoga teacher course starting in January. I’ve also been planning for my post baby workout routines to get in shape postpartum. This is important to me and will be a key focus of this blog. I want to show what I did, how I did it and what struggles I faced as I’m sure there will be a lot of those as well. I have had so many people tell me I can’t do this or I can’t do that, both during pregnancy and what comes after especially about studying and working out with baby. For everyone that has told me this though, I have read or heard from people that have made it work. I’m not saying it will be easy but I am stubborn and I feel like I can make it work. Through this blog and Instagram, I hope to both use it as a record for myself and to keep me accountable but also to hopefully inspire others. Let’s do this!



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